Parrotz Invade Tezos

In a new world that was once dominated by lizzards and otters, evolution took hold and a flock of 10k generative PFP Parrotz came to Tezos as NFTs to live peacefully with those that came before them.

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Bulk Parrotz Floor Offer Tool

Place Bulk Floor Offers on for Parrotz. A Floor Offer is an offer for ANY of the Parrotz in the collection

Parrotz Traits

Each Parrotz NFT includes an animated mp4 as well as a static PFP.

Each of the Parrotz is unique in it's own right containing a variety of traits (Feathers, Cloths, Chest Decor, Beak, Eyes, Glasses, Hat, Holding In Beak, Holding In Foot) plus come with an ANIMATED and STATIC background. Some of these traits are common, while others are extremely rare.

Additionally there are 5 UNIQUE Parrotz that do not follow these traits and are among the rarest NFTs in all of Tezos.

Static PFP

The Rarest Parrotz

These 5 Parrotz are the rarest of the rare, 5 unique ONE of ONE

Greek God

About Parrotz

The backstory behind Parrotz

Samson the Parrot

Meet Samson

Samson is a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot who is 22 years old and has lived with me (AINFTCreator) since he was 6 months old. Parrots live extremely long lives, easily living to 80 years of age. When deciding on what would be the best possible character for the first tzDropz exclusive drop, it became apparent that the NFTs needed to be timeless, funny, cute and stand the test of time.. Just like it is highly likely Samson will outlive me, and will be a companion to others for many years after I am gone; The Parrotz NFT collection is meant to stand the test of time, bringing joy and charm to all who own each of the Parrotz over the years.

About the Artist

The Parrotz Art

Damian Augustyniak (GuzikArt)

Meet Damian Augustyniak

The artist for the Parrotz NFT Collection is Damian Augustyniak (GuzikArt), a professional illustrator who has worked on cover art and merch for famous musical artists like Joey Ramone of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “Ramones” band, Sabaton, legendary Metal Band “Slayer”, Exodus, Party Cannon, Ankor, and many many more. Damian has also worked on other NFT projects like Wicked Ape Bone Club and was recently featured on Business Insider for his work as an NFT Artist, making him one of the MOST sought-after and respected artists in the NFT world.

In Lieu of being tipped for his incredible job on the Parrotz Collection, Damian has asked he be given one of the NFTs instead, so he will be joining the Parrotz community as an owner and will get a random mint given to him just like our Diamond holders get.


1. What is the total number of Parrotz that will be minted?

There will be 10k Parrotz minted

2. What is the price for each Parrotz NFT?

tzDropz Diamond holders get 1 free for each Diamond PASS they hold. When pre-Sale starts Diamond, Platinum holders can mint for 5xtz, 24 hours later, at the whitelist sale, Diamond, Platinum and Gold Holders as well as anyone else who obtained whitelist access can mint for 7xtz, 24 hours later the public sale will start and anyone can mint a Parrotz NFT for 9xtz

3. How to get whitelisted?

The easiest way is to hold a tzDropz Diamond, Platinum or Gold PASS before the minting of Parrotz begins. Additionally, whitelist spots will be given out during some promotions with partners and through Telegram and Discord contests.

4. Where to buy?

During minting, you can buy on this page. Once all of the Parrotz have been minted they will be available on Objkt and Rarible.

5. When will minting begin?

Public Minting is LIVE

6. Will revenue from the Parrotz mint sale be shared with the tzDropz community?

If Parrotz collection sells out during the public sale, 10% of the revenue will be placed in the tzDropz Diamond Revenue Share Pool. At present, if all minting stages sell out, this would add 6850 to the Pool

7. Will royalties from the Parrotz secondary sales be shared with the tzDropz community?

Yes, 50% of all secondary royalties will be placed in the tzDropz Diamond Revenue Share Pool

Provenance & Contracts

Crowdsale Contract: KT1CBP6NhXpjpC2ZA1ouLZnyH5cLYdQoDpio

NFT Contract: KT1GMRLLmxfNBb5VPASEouaKhnhQvBigzDtL

Provenance: QmQQNLQ5ZrUGYDwwWyu3YNhFM3MLaVKMogh9wX1X8DM1Um
- to be uploaded to IPFS after reveal

The Crew

The team bringing Parrotz to life

AINFTCreator Profile Picture

Scott Wilkerson

aka: AINFTCreator.tez

Founder / CTO

Anshit Bhardwaj Profile Picture

Anshit Bhardwaj

Smart Contract Dev

Damian Augustyniak Profile Picture

Damian Augustyniak


Samson Profile Picture